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Data base

The data bases created to receive data from all surfers communicating personal data to make contact with the company or register reservations via the FastBooking system are hosted by FastBooking, which has borne the investment and is the owner thereof. Data provided by surfers registered via the FastBooking system are intended for FastBooking and the hotels and each hotel must be considered responsible for the processing of the said data by the hotel or on its behalf.

FastBooking’s undertakings

FastBooking will endeavour to display comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information on this site, in good faith but without any guarantee on its part. This constitutes solely an obligation to use its best endeavours. FastBooking will do its utmost to ensure that the FastBooking system operates in accordance with the standards generally accepted in the field. Apart from its own service, FastBooking does not accept any liability for services accessible via the Internet or exercise any control, in any form whatsoever, over the nature or characteristics of any data transferred via its server centre.

FastBooking also declines all liability for the contents and use of sites to which hypertext links are offered on the present site. Users connect to such sites on their sole responsibility. Site users acknowledge that FastBooking cannot exercise any control over the information on these sites, since it is all provided by the hotels.

Specific characteristics of computer networks and systems

Technical information and liability

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• interruption of networks or delays in transmitting e-mails or any other data;
• hardware or software failures;
• malicious acts, data theft, computer viruses, inadequacies in protection and back-up measures;
• operator error or incorrect use of hardware or software;
• loss of data and/or transactions, interruptions in activity or any other resulting financial loss;
• problems with the contents of websites, e-mails and any information transferred by networks;
• misuse or malicious use of the data, text, images or information on the site pages;
• non-respect for the intellectual rights of any third parties;
• failure to input or update data (availabilities, rates, description and quality summaries, etc) by the hotels and/or FastBooking according to the information communicated directly or indirectly by the hotels;
• non-conformity, defects, errors or anomalies in respect of the nature or characteristics of any data transferred via its server centre, as FastBooking cannot exercise any control, in any form whatsoever, over them;
• non-respect for the intellectual rights of any third parties;
• any cases of force majeure, unforeseen events or any other causes outside FastBooking’s control.

Consequently, users bear all liability for any prejudice, direct or indirect, material or immaterial, that may be caused to them by using the site and services offered on line. FastBooking does not accept any liability for services accessible via the Internet.

Personal data protection

FastBooking undertakes to comply with the legislation applicable to the processing of personal data and, in particular, to carry out any formality for declaration to the national data protection authority (CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) in France) and inform surfers of their rights. Answering is optional except where the information is indicated as mandatory.

The information provided via our forms and questionnaires, notably in the contact form, is intended for FastBooking for the purposes of processing the request. Information provided by surfers for a hotel booking is also intended for its hotel partners in order to manage your reservation and for canvassing purposes. For more details, please see the confidentiality charter.

Modifications / corrections / offer validity period

FastBooking reserves the right to make any changes, corrections, deletions and/or additions to/from the contents of the fastbooking.org site and to the contents of any other sites including the FastBooking service offering, without prior notice and at its discretion.
The information in the legal notice, use conditions and confidentiality charter is not intended to be exhaustive and is subject to change, so all visitors to the fastbooking.org site and sites including the FastBooking offering must comply with the applicable statutory and contractual provisions during their site visits.