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Calendar Intelligence is an online platform that delivers information about events & trade shows around your hotel. Unlike other platforms, FASTBOOKING Calendar Intelligence mixes both leisure & business events to help optimize your revenue management strategy.”
Laurent Leca, Vice President Product

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a tool to register events? I am already doing it myself

Because it’s time consuming, and not registered in one single database (leisure events, medical shows or any sport events) as in Calendar Intelligence

Can I access to past and future data at the same time?

There is no limitation to any data access. Calendar Intelligence stores them all. Even when an event is canceled, we do not delete it from the database but strike it out to ease the identification

Can I display all the events in a planning view mode?

As soon as the geographical and data criteria are set, click on PLANNING button and the calendar will be displayed in a nice planning view mode for the upcoming three month. To access event details, simply click on it.

What is the source of information used to build the events?

We always start at the organizer level. So, we try to avoid using any general source that would not be trustful enough. And to guarantee quality, all events are manually checked by our team of archivists.

How many events do you load?

We load from 50 to 100 events a day for all cities around the world. Today we have a database set to 113 000 events since 2007

What happens if I do not find my city or if the number of events is low for my city?

The events loaded are the major ones that could impact significantly hotel or transport reservations. Therefore, we do not load small regional events. However, feel free to contact us to require a specific focus on your city.

Do I need any training to use Calendar Intelligence?

No, as Calendar Intelligence is pretty user friendly. However if you would like to use Calendar Intelligence in a Sales way to collect information about potential business lead, you may contact your FB support contact to guide you.


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