Display Ads

“It is already challenging to direct internet users to your official site, and that is not enough: 95% of internet users do not book on their first visit. You therefore have to deploy digital marketing tactics, whose purpose is not only to increase the number of first visits but also to make customers return to your site. Our goal is to improve your direct sales by targeting travellers interested in your destination at the right time in order to feature your hotel by displaying advertising banners while they browse the web. The Display Ads technique allows us to double conversion rates when a traveller visits a hotel website via one of our banners.”
Hadrien Lanne, FASTBOOKING Digital Marketing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I create my own banners?

Don’t worry, we will take care of everything from A to Z. We only need a few photos of your hotel. If you prefer to use your own banners, that’s also possible. All you need to do is send them to our team who will target certain banners during different periods in order to support one of your special offers, for example.

On which sites will my hotel banners appear?

This can vary: news, destination forums, Skype chat-type applications…we will display your banners wherever your potential customers are found. Moreover, we have a black list of inappropriate sites so that your hotel does not appear on them.

Can I target certain markets, for example, China?

Yes. Similar to Search Engine Marketing, we can target all those countries whose language is compatible with your website.

If I want to give my hotel maximum visibility and increase my conversion rate to its greatest potential, I should probably use all 3 solutions: SEM, DL and DA. So do I have to pay three times?

NO. With FASTBOOKING if you use all the traffic-purchasing solutions, we are only paid once: at the time the booking is used, i.e. when the customer sleeps at the hotel.



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