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“Made for hotels' official websites, FASTBOOKING’s SEM program is a web marketing solution that increases visibility on search engines results pages (SERPs) worldwide. Investing in Search Engine Marketing with FASTBOOKING increases instantly your direct bookings”.
Lilly MANESTA, Acquisition Manager, SEM program

Case Studies

Explorers Hotel

Challenge: increase revenue for a hotel targeting European audiences wishing to discover Disneyland. Quickly
  • Pricing strategy by segment and by customer behaviour
  • Conversion oriented website targeting children as well as adults in 6 major western European languages
  • SEM improvement : Ad extensions (sitelinks) and generic keywords thanks to conversion increase
  • 50% increase in website conversion 
  • Traffic increased by 30%
  • Revenue increased by 34% 
The reactivity of the teams, their deep understanding of our issues and their client support let us produce very good results quickly. We trusted FASTBOOKING to build a website that would help us develop our direct sales.
Frédérique Houpert - Digital manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do SEM campaigns if my official website already appears first in organic results?

Are you sure you are in the first position in every language on Google? Unlike SEO results where websites redirect on homepage, in SEM campaigns you can chose a specific landing page where the web user will be redirected, for instance your promotions and special offers page.

Most of people click on natural search results and not advertising, don't they?

Many people don’t see the difference between paid search results and organic results and tend to click on the first three results that are most of the time PPC ads. 

Why should I communicate on my brand ?

OTAs can use your brand as keywords and divert travelers that were looking for you to their website. It is essential to appear in the first 3 positions. It accounts for more than 65% of the traffic.  

Is there no interest to let the OTAs doing PPC campaigns for us?

OTAs can use your brand as keywords and redirect to a page where your hotel will be introduced on the same page as your competitors. Moreover, their commission rate is generally much more expensive than our 15% commission based on confirmed bookings.


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Explorers Hotel

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