More than a simple shop-window, your website is a powerful sales tool and your most profitable source of income. An efficient website should be elegant, easy, quick to surf, and contain the most important information in the right places in order to capture visitors and lead to more bookings. Hoteliers also need to respond adequately [...]

SEO Pack

FastBooking has 10+ years’ experience managing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and indexing quality websites. We quickly realized that optimizing search engine rankings is key to achieving our main objective: helping independent hotels increase direct revenue. FastBooking SEO Audit starts with an exhaustive audit covering the technical, semantic and structural aspects of your hotel website. It allows you to identify [...]

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) — paid search marketing FastBooking invests in your business by running extensive SEM campaigns specific to your hotel. These programs increase visitors to your website and drive new, direct bookings generating incremental revenues. Brand recognition on global (Google, Bing) and local (Yandex, Seznam) search engines is also a priority for us. FastBooking manages [...]

MaximizeBookings& Profit

Booking Engine

Why do so many visitors not book a room?  After almost a decade of analysis, millions of successful online bookings, and extensive consumer behavior research, FastBooking knows how to convert hotel website visitors to hotel guests. FastBooking applies best practices, methods, and unique technologies to deliver the booking conditions that visitors want — the right [...]


FastBooking FG chain code maximizes the hotel visibility on the GDS and provides an easy-to-use GDS/IDS interface, regardless of the booking engine on your website. Our next-generation service provides seamless connectivity to the four largest GDS operators and 2000 IDS. Your hotel becomes accessible to more than 650,000 travel agencies throughout the world and millions of Internet users who [...]


FastBooking Channel Manager automatically updates your rates and availabilities on all the Internet channels that distribute your hotel (Expedia®,,™,, etc…). FastBooking Channel Manager is compatible with FastBooking Engine as well as your exsiting booking engine. We are also a Preferred Provider for These sophisticated updating tools enable you to change your rates in record time [...]



Take advantage of the best technology on the market to survey, analyze and react to market changes, regardless of your booking system. FastBooking Rate Checker is compatible with FastBooking Engine as well as your exsiting booking engine. FastBooking Rate Checker benchmarking tool monitors your competitors’ websites as well as third-party Internet portals and presents current competitive [...]

Social Reputation

Content on influential reviews sites like TripAdvisor®, social media like Facebook and Twitter, or travel blogs has a tangible impact on consumers’ decision-making and purchasing behavior.  You need to manage your hotel’s online brand perception on these sites. FastBooking Online Reputation helps independent hotels automatically detect accurate information coming from multiple sources. FastBooking Online Reputation [...]

Calendar Intelligence

FastBooking Calendar Intelligence helps you drive new MICE business through a smarter sales approach. Imagine all the information about events in your area or city, including event organizer details and a view of competitors grouped in a single solution. FastBooking has it for you! Calendar Intelligence will help you to: Target Competitors: monitor competitor activity. [...]