Website Development


More than a simple shop-window, your website is a powerful sales tool and your most profitable source of income.

An efficient website should be elegant, easy, quick to surf, and contain the most important information in the right places in order to capture visitors and lead to more bookings.

Hoteliers also need to respond adequately to the growing demand for mobile services. FastBooking mobile websites offer efficient mobile design. Our mobile apps are native applications designed specifically for each platform (iPhone, Android, etc.).

FastBooking mobile sites and apps create an environment for mobile use that is easy-to-navigate, fast and secure with information that is straight to the point and an optimized booking process. All our sites and apps include our cutting-edge FastBooking Engine-Mobile.

Whether the site is destined for the desktop, tablet or mobile platform, FastBooking web experts optimize your website to market your brand and your online services effectively.

SEO Audit

SEO Pack

FastBooking has 10+ years’ experience managing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and indexing quality websites. We quickly realized that optimizing search engine rankings is key to achieving our main objective: helping independent hotels increase direct revenue.

FastBooking SEO Audit starts with an exhaustive audit covering the technical, semantic and structural aspects of your hotel website. It allows you to identify sources of improvement to make your hotel more visible on search engines. Our audit highlights website strengths and weaknesses based on specific metrics. If you need assistance to deploy technical recommendations, a premium subscription is available to help you accomplish the website revamp.

  • Content analysis: how to create relevant content, a critical point for Google.
  • Keyword analysis: which keywords are the most important traffic/booking providers? New opportunities?
  • External linking: the importance of backlinks and social media interaction (Facebook, Google+, Twitter…).
  • Technical performance audit: page analysis, web hosting, servers, domain and sub-domains.

Search Engine Marketing

SEO-SEM hand on chalkboard_2

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) — paid search marketing

FastBooking invests in your business by running extensive SEM campaigns specific to your hotel. These programs increase visitors to your website and drive new, direct bookings generating incremental revenues. Brand recognition on global (Google, Bing) and local (Yandex, Seznam) search engines is also a priority for us.

FastBooking manages the entire process for you from conception to implementation and follow-up. Daily performance assessments and corrections are made by FastBooking’s Google Adwords experts.

SEM Best Practices

  • Google Quality Score optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Keyword selection
  • Mobile devices/enhanced campaigns
  • Excellent relationships with Google Travel worldwide teams
  • Seasonality ads / customized messages

Your campaign is implemented and monitored by FastBooking’s team of referencing professionals with unique experience in hospitality e-commerce. These experts are Google Adwords certified.

FastBooking offers an exclusive, performance-based model that is unique in the industry. In contrast to a digital agency, you don’t pay any upfront marketing fees only commissions on confirmed reservations once a customer has stayed in your hotel.