Rate Checker


Take advantage of the best technology on the market to survey, analyze and react to market changes, regardless of your booking system. FastBooking Rate Checker is compatible with FastBooking Engine as well as your exsiting booking engine.

FastBooking Rate Checker benchmarking tool monitors your competitors’ websites as well as third-party Internet portals and presents current competitive pricing and any available inventory allocation information on a single, easy-to-understand screen.

This solution provides vital data to evaluate your day-to-day positioning compared with competitors.

  • Compare the rates offered by any hotel of your choice in real time over the coming days/weeks/months.
  • Compare rates that are comparable: rate details are analyzed before or after tax, with or without additional costs, etc.
  • Direct access to the analyzed web pages.

Advantages for hotel groups
Hotel groups can use FastBooking Rate Checker to set up internal price control systems and  guarantee the same rates at all of the hotels in the group.

Online Reputation

Social Reputation

Content on influential reviews sites like TripAdvisor®, social media like Facebook and Twitter, or travel blogs has a tangible impact on consumers’ decision-making and purchasing behavior.  You need to manage your hotel’s online brand perception on these sites. FastBooking Online Reputation helps independent hotels automatically detect accurate information coming from multiple sources.

FastBooking Online Reputation reports brand insights in easy-to-understand graphs and charts. Our Online Reputation solution helps you:

  • Improve market positioning by providing a detailed analysis of how each property is perceived versus the competition.
  • Deliver an objective measurement of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Compare the perception of your hotel in the social media to that of your competitors.
  • Determine what each department should do to improve products and services, and customer experience.

FastBooking Online Reputation creates a virtuous circle resulting in more positive comments in the social media, generating greater interest in your establishment, sending more traffic to your site and increasing bookings.


Calendar Intelligence

Calendar Intelligence

FastBooking Calendar Intelligence helps you drive new MICE business through a smarter sales approach.

Imagine all the information about events in your area or city, including event organizer details and a view of competitors grouped in a single solution. FastBooking has it for you! Calendar Intelligence will help you to:

  • Target Competitors: monitor competitor activity.
  • Target Prospects: access event organizer details.
  • Sell more and better: wide range of special events.
  • Understand the past: analyze the impact of special events for your destination.
  • Follow the present: monitor your activity vs. your destination in one click.
  • Look ahead: get alerts when new events are loaded.