Booking Engine

Booking Engine

Why do so many visitors not book a room? 

After almost a decade of analysis, millions of successful online bookings, and extensive consumer behavior research, FastBooking knows how to convert hotel website visitors to hotel guests.

FastBooking applies best practices, methods, and unique technologies to deliver the booking conditions that visitors want — the right information and just enough selection to ensure a successful reservation.

As a FastBooking customer you are assigned a dedicated consultant who analyzes your specific hotel offerings and packages and continually optimizes your website visitors’ experience for maximum conversion.


FastBooking Engine — Desktop

Converting a visitor to a customer starts with our blazingly fast FastBooking Engine. FastBooking Engine is the most comprehensive and powerful booking engine available on the market. By adding a single line of code to your website, FastBooking creates the best booking conditions for your visitors.

  • Improve customer satisfaction and maximize conversion rates
  • Increase your revenue per booking

FastBooking Engine exists in Classic and Lux versions, both built on the same robust, high performance online booking technology that ensures the highest conversion rate. FastBooking Engine Lux offers additional options to better fit your needs, in particular those of the luxury hotel market.


FastBooking has adapted the FastBooking Engine, the most efficient booking engine on the market, for use on mobile sites and applications. It can be incorporated into a hotel’s mobile site–whether that site is developed by FastBooking or by a web agency.

FastBooking Engine-Mobile facilitates the user’s mobile booking experience maximizing the conversion rate. FastBooking Engine-Mobile delivers the same speed and security for online hotel booking transactions as the FastBooking Engine on conventional hotel websites with a profile specifically for mobile phones. The consumer gets all the essentials of the process in a familiar booking environment.


FastBooking FG chain code maximizes the hotel visibility on the GDS and provides an easy-to-use GDS/IDS interface, regardless of the booking engine on your website.

Our next-generation service provides seamless connectivity to the four largest GDS operators and 2000 IDS. Your hotel becomes accessible to more than 650,000 travel agencies throughout the world and millions of Internet users who make their hotel bookings every day through one of these major hotels booking site.

The FG chain code facilitates the travel agent experience from reservation to commission payment. Travel agents booking hotels with the FG chain code enjoy direct, real-time access to hotel data, delivering a total pricing, online quote to their clients and confidently reserving your hotel rooms. FastBooking ensures prompt automatic payment of commissions to travel agents ensuring the quality of your hotel’s reputation and that of the FG chain code.

As a complement to the FG chain code, FastBooking offers unique, customizable Consortia and Corporate programs to accompany you in your business strategy.

Consortia ‘à la carte’

You have developed the in-house expertise to manage your choice of Consortia partners. You have mastered the annual submission process, the steps to complete the RFP tool, and loading your prices in your iCRS (back office).

  • We provide you with the Nexus submission tool, an online utilization guide as well as the list of partners. You complete your hotel profile and all the steps necessary to submit it directly in the tool.
  • International Consortia programs are FastBooking partners and are proposed in the list available to you in the submission tool.
Consortia Care

Our team of experts takes care of all sales and administrative procedures linked to membership and coordination with the Consortia networks.

  • The team acts as sales representatives of your hotel with the Consortia (HRG, American Express, Carlson Wagonlits, BCD …). They handle all the steps in the RFP in the submission tool and respect of all deadlines.
  • Once online the display of Consortia prices is audited and validated. Your hotel is highlighted in newsletters sent to travel managers.
  • You receive a quarterly production report.
Consortia/Corporate Care

FastBooking experts are actively involved in all sales and marketing matters to maximize GDS Corporate bookings. Our team has many years of experience ‘on the ground’ and an international network of contacts in Europe and North America.

The combined Consortia and Corporate Care program features all the services and advantages of Consortia Care, plus:

  • The development of contacts in companies targeted by your hotel.
  • Lanyon RFP publisher tool and Lanyon Market Leads tool are an integral part of the offering as is our expertise and support on behalf of your hotel.
  • We input the negotiated rates in your iCRS(back office) and audit your visibility with contacts and points-of-sale.
  • Your hotel is highlighted in newsletters to the travel managers of TMCs, BTCs (Business Travel Centers) and in-house travel departments.
  • You receive a quarterly production report.

Channel Manager


FastBooking Channel Manager automatically updates your rates and availabilities on all the Internet channels that distribute your hotel (Expedia®,,™,, etc…). FastBooking Channel Manager is compatible with FastBooking Engine as well as your exsiting booking engine. We are also a Preferred Provider for

These sophisticated updating tools enable you to change your rates in record time and react faster to new market trends. Update up to 20 third-party websites simultaneously from a selection of more than 200 available sites. All extranets are visible from a single table on the same screen.

Choose between two versions:

  • The Classic version with multiple functions to easily update rates, allotments and restrictions.
  • The Premium version includes advanced business reports and data mining to help you track your hotel performance on each channel and support your yield management decisions.

Our Central Allotment function ensures you always maintain available rooms on all distribution channels adjusting the allotment according to incoming bookings.